A PDF version of my resume can be found here. It’s more complete and easy on the eyes.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Engineering (2014) with a focus in product design & robotics


Spark DevicesProduct Design Intern (August 2013, Minneapolis MN)

  • Design, development, and implementation of smart products for the consumer product industry, using the Spark Core. Developed a low- cost, intelligent, Wi-Fi plant sensor.

GrasshopperNYCProduct Design Intern (Summer 2013, NYC)

  • Implemented design changes for mass manufacturability to a multi- touch infrared smart table (entertainment industry). Created audio engineering solutions to minimize attenuation.
  • Designed and built custom iPad enclosure for portable gaming
5Wits ProductionsDesign Intern (January 2012, Norwood MA)
  • Created the concept for and built a physical, hands-on (4’ x 4’), interactive puzzle game for an immersive attraction. Performed extensive prototyping. Conducted play testing with customers and wrote software programs for the exhibit.

Mechatronics Lab, d’Arbeloff GroupUndergraduate Researcher (2012, Cambridge MA)

  • Developed electronic solutions for a leak-detection robot by creating PCBs, writing MATLAB control code, and performing radio frequency transmission tests.
  • Tested circuits, 3D printed parts, and assembled a working prototype.

Singapore Institute of MicroelectronicsR&D (January 2011, Singapore)

  • Analyzed the physics of a single channel Coulter counter, a device for counting cells based on resistance changes. Generated a simulation in COMSOL of a 100-channel device to be produced. Optimized geometry for accurate readings with a small device size.

Robotech CenterTech Advisor (2009 – Present, Nashua NH)

  • Design, development of prototypes, and mass-production of a SuperRC car, an open-source autonomous toy car
  • Created STEM education technology programs (XBOX, iPhone, robotics, 2D/3D game design, Flash animation, swarm robots, SuperRC car) for K-12 students. Developed curriculum to train a team of 17 instructors for the delivery of programs across New England.


SoftwareSolidworks, EAGLE, COMSOL, Maya, Adobe Suite (Flash, Photoshop, Primiere, Illustrator, InDesign)

ProgrammingPython, LabView, ActionScript, C#, CSS/HTML

HardwarePCB Design, Machine shop trained, Arduino, Microcontrollers, Rapid prototyping 


  • Speaker & Exhibitor, Makerfaire NYC 2012 and 2013
  • Presenter, Lego Research Institute
  • 1st place overall and 1st place for controls: Robotics gymnastics robot
  • Presenter, Game Developers Conference, Robotics Trends, RoboNexus