• PegaSense

    PegaSense (formerly EquiTemp) is a wearable, equine warm-up detection device, created as part of 2.009 at MIT, the Product Engineering Process. I was sensing lead for the team and made major design decisions about the type of sensors we should use, wireless communication, and contributed to robustness strategies. PegaSense scored first for our technical review and we will be pursuing this project as part of StartIAP, a Sloan school start-up accelerator. PegaSense introduces an exact science to an aspect of equestrian sports previously based on intuition. Designed as a training aid, PegaSense provides the much needed link between horse and rider. By incorporating temperature sensors into pre-existing horse boots, a rider can be alerted of temperature changes. As the first real-time warm-up and cool-down monitor, PegaSense actively prevents injuries and reduces the long-term costs of diagnostic care. Normally, if an owner suspects an injury, a veterinarian will perform a time-consuming test such as an infrared thermograph ($250 per appointment), or a CAT Scan ($2500 per session). With a price of $1250 per unit, PegaSense is a practical prevention device.