PegaSense (formerly EquiTemp) is a warm-up detection device for horses, created as part of 2.009 at MIT, the Product Engineering Process. I was "sensing team" lead and made major design decisions about the type of sensors we should use, wireless communication, and contributed to robustness strategies.

Poseidon Yo-Yo

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As part of a manufacturing class I designed and manufactured a production run of 50 yo-yos using thermoforming and injection molding processes. The aim was to produce a high-quality yo-yo with repeatability in the manufacturing process.



Supercar is a commercial product I’m developing, aimed at teaching engineering through toy design.

Gymnastics Robot

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I lead a four-person team that designed a gymnastics robot to compete on a set of rings to mimic human athletes. An IMU (inertial measurement unit: accelerometer and gyro) was used to provide feedback control.

Fysix Concept Sketches


I created three concept sketches based on my team’s storyboard. The first describes a hexagon pattern that lights up on a wall. The second shows my vision of the control panel: slick, seamless, black, and ...

Bike Racks – Usability Analysis


I performed a human use analysis on bike racks around MIT. This was more an experiment in web design (+ illustrator) than anything else though. You can visit the live site here.

Fysix Sketch Model


Imagine walking into a spaceship’s security room. It has smooth, white walls. A member of your group scans their hand on a wall to gain access to the spaceship, but they are greeted by a ...

Hey! That’s My Acorn


This is a game I designed for a friend’s birthday, based on a really fun game I played called Hey! That’s My Fish. I learned about the game when I was at Grasshopper NYC. There ...


Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.31.10 PM

SmartConnect is an internet of things start-up to network your home entertainment systems together, to provide a single unified experience. I produced this video for my team that illustrates the concept of the start up.


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Soundy is a motion activated sound recording toy. Tell Soundy your secrets or record a noise. Hide Soundy behind a door to scare your friends, or toss Soundy back and forth to playback the noise ...



The GardenCore is a WiFi plant monitoring device. It has a small form factor which can be discretely put into a plant pot. I created this device to be compatible with the SparkCore.



GrasshopperNYC is a company located in Brooklyn, NY that aims to change the way people socialize. The idea is that the best way to meet new people and have fun is through a shared experience. ...



An interactive public art exhibit composed of large sculptures of the five platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosohedron). Surfaces of the sculptures can be touched via capacitive touch sensing to add loops of music ...

Interactive Puzzle at 5Wits


During January of 2013 I interned at 5Wits, a company that creates walkthrough, life-size, puzzle adventures and created a prototype for their newest castle-theme attraction.

In-pipe Leak Detection Robot


I performed research at the Mechatronics Lab at MIT, working on electrical components for an In-Pipe Leak Detection Robot. I designed PCBs for the sensing components of the robot and tested them. I also wrote ...

Zobeide, Set Design


I designed 1/4″ scale set design based on Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.


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A polargrapher is a plotter that, because of the way it is built, plots in polar coordinates as oppose to cartesian (rectangular) coordinates.